Julius Meinl

Montecco is a proud representative of Julius Meinl Brand in the territory of Montenegro for more than two decades. Julius Meinl is an Austrian company with a long tradition that starts with the opening of their first coffee shop in Vienna in 1862. Its founder, Julius Meinl II, has set new standards for roasting coffee after separating coffee beans from coal gases, which makes releasing the coffee aroma. Julius Meinl’s portfolio includes over 50 different blends of coffee.

In our portfolio you can find carefully selected blends of coffee for our market. Each blend contains a special blend of Arabica and Robusta, perfectly balanced for different tastes.

The Julius Meinl portfolio also includes capsules for Espresso Coffee (Mocca, Decaf, Lungo, and Ristreto).

Julius Meinl carefully cares about the geographical origin of the teas, so they come from locations with an ideal climate for teas such as Idalgashinna Garden in Sri Lanka, the Happy Valley, which is located in the bottom of the Himalayas. The tea leaves are dried for 10 to 12 hours, where warm air results in a 30% loss of liquid, which gives the tea an extra softness. In the Julius Meinl portfolio you can find single bag teas, bulk teas, premium and classic variants.

Each blend contains a special Arabic-Robusta ratio, perfectly balanced for different tastes.